Biocollmed Laboratory.

Is a company which manufactures a professional line of collagen cosmetics based on natural collagen – made of top quality ecological material (skins of freshwater and saltwater fish).

The advantages of Biocollmed Laboratory company include rich natural ingredients and a unique technology to obtain cold collagen, thanks to which the structure of the fibre remains in the form of a triple helix that most resembles the structure of human protein. The development of know-how enabled us to introduce an exclusive line of cosmetics designed as anti-aging treatment for the skin.

Amber Collagen® is a reliable product that perfectly fulfils the role of the so-called “first aid kit” in anti-aging processes of the body. Not only does it replenish the inborn collagen with “external” deliveries – above all, it stimulates cells to produce their own collagen.

Amber Collagen®

Profesional skin care for the most demanding

Amber Collagen® line from Biocollmed Laboratory are 100% natural, non-fragrance and colouring agents, reliable collagen products – which contain gel in a transdermal form (stable in temperatures from 5 to 26 °C), in which the content of biologically active tertiary collagen hydrate (marked by the hydroxyproline content) is higher than in any most expensive cosmetic products available on the market.


Amber Collagen® line is characterised by: physical-chemical stability and biological activity within the temperature range from 5 to 26 °C, containing tertiary hydrate of fish collagen which after being transformed into a solution preserves its spiral structure, as well as the ability to slow down and reverse body aging processes (including among others the skin), and no (lack of) allergic reactions, irritations or any other side effects.

Cosmetics from the Amber Collagen® line are an unparalleled partner in fighting body aging processes: they replenish collagen deficit, reduce wrinkles, restore oval face shape, leave the skin smooth and elastic, improve the condition of irritated, allergic skin prone to inflammation, provide remarkable effects in whole-body treatments and anti-cellulite, slimming and pain relieving massages.

Strict requirements set for the research carried out in line with the highest applicable standards guarantee Amber Collagen cosmetics to foster spectacular clinical effects.

Thank you for trusting us. Feel free to browse our offer.

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